Tory Burch on Rock Center with Brian Williams

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  1. Did anyone see Tory Burch on NBC last night? It was a nice story. I had no idea that she was feuding with her husband. Just in case anyone missed it, here is the link (please forgive me it it doesn't work):

    If the link doesn't work, go to and in the "Shows" section, look for Rock Center with Brian Williams.
  2. Great story. T4P.
  3. Great story is right...she seems very down to earth.
  4. i saw this story. I love tory even more!!! It's so amazing and astounding that she built this company in 8 years, with no prior experience in fashion and design... Soooo impressive!!! She's so gorgeous and seems like the most humble person. It sucks there's a feud with her ex! Love her!!
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    I saw it and she looked gorgeous. I'm sure each side of the marriage has their own version, she probably should have left that out but I really like her style.

    I actually have a pair of her very first ballet flats from 2005. The top is like a horse bit buckle or something. I've just done a search and am surprised the pictures didn't come right up. She got famous right from the start and in 2005 I was in Neiman Marcus in Boston and NM had kept her shoes in the back to only bring out for women who knew to ask for them - I was not one of those women, I had never heard of her. I saw a woman trying the shoes on and they were so cute so when she chose a different size and went to purchase them, I picked up the other pair and they fit perfectly so I bought them and still have them.

    Edit: They look like a version of TB "Noel" but I don't think the original had that little disk logo or the same kind of leather belt across the top under the buckle.
  6. Doesn't she seem really nice? I love the fact that in spite of her coming from money and a very powerful social circle (she's pretty tight with Aerin Lauder), she seems very humble and likable. She comes off as someone who actually puts in a lot of work. That is refreshing.