Tory Burch - NorthPark Mall - Dallas Texas - Now open

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  1. I ran over to NorthPark at lunch today to check on something else at Macy's. I checked the website to see if the NorthPark store was open and lo and behold it was. As it turns out, today is it's first day open (they had a soft opening last night). Its a beautiful store and the associates were friendly without being pushy.

    The store is located between Neiman Marcus and Dillards - just about halfway between them on that side of the mall.

    I was looking for a wallet to go with my black Amanda tote. I thought I might want a bright color but their bright colors were coated and not pebbled leather. I am a big fan of pebbled leather. I got the marion zip in black. Its HUGE and I love it. Its much larger than the Amanda zips. I'll post pics eventually. I'm not using it for awhile but wanted to get a good deal with friends and family sale going on and a teeny bit of my bonus left :smile:
  2. going to be in texas in a few weeks and can't wait to check it out
  3. I was there today. It is very pretty with glass walks and gold decor.