Tory Burch Marion Slouchy Tote

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  1. I am looking for anyone who may have the Marion Slouchy Tote? I have been waiting for the sale thinking I might get the Robinson Double Zip Tote as I had previously purchased the full size but it was too heavy. At the time, I had a job that it would be useful at. I just still like the Prada look of it. It's a great well made bag. Well when I stopped into the boutique today I saw the Marion Slouchy tote which is totally different but I love the look of it! I was a little concerned because the first one would not stay on my shoulders so she brought me a second one. The leather seemed stiffer and there was little slippage. There was no slippage on the quilted one. I figure this is due to the leather being stiffer on the quilted one. I like the look of the plain one better for me simply because I am small and it looks better on me. I don't have a bag this large or slouchy and would really use it casually so there isn't a need for structure other than wanting to find things on my car seat easily. I would so appreciate any feedback from those who have this bag!
  2. I posted mine in this thread:

    I mostly carry mine in the crook of my arm but I've used it with the single strap on my shoulder and it was fine too. I love this bag and am so glad I got it. I started out loving the black quilted til I saw the royal tan in the local TB boutique. That was it.

    I love the outside zip pocket for my phone and sunglasses. I have no problems finding things in it on my car seat but sometimes it is hard to reach into the slouchy bag to get something - like mostly my wallet if I have my hands full as i can't "prop" it against anything for support as the bottom is slouchy. That is my only "complaint" though its really no big deal.
  3. Thanks that is so helpful! It really is gorgeous!
  4. I have this bag and I LOVE it. I bought mine from a seller off of ebay for half the price. I would wait for it to go on sale to purchase. I get complimented on it a lot when I go out :smile:
  5. I decided to keep it- the price was right and it's simply a gorgeous head turner of a bag. Now I can't wait for cooler weather.