Tory Burch Maddie Pumps v. Reva Flats - What to Get?

  1. Hi all! I'm a shoe-a-holic... I have probably 80+ pairs by now, I can't even keep track. And it just dawned on me that I don't have the Tory Burch flats everyone's been talking about (and copying... shame on you, Payless et al.). So I'm contemplating getting the flats, or the newer pumps.

    My first concern, though, is if they're worth getting, trend-wise. I know they're still in style this season, but do you think they'll be totally out next year? I think they're cute, and I'm usually not one to be concerned about trends- but that's mainly because I usually buy classic stuff (and, yes, my definition of "classic" includes Jimmy Choos in pretty much any style made :drool:), and so this would really be one of my first "trendy" purchases.

    The next is that I feel kind of weird buying expensive flats. I have a few pairs, and honestly, I'm pretty insecure about my 5'7" frame. I know, I know, it's taller than average, and I'm no Carrie Bradshaw height-wise.... but I just end up buying pumps most of the time. Maybe now's the time to buy another pair of flats? It would be really helpful to know from any of you who have these shoes how comfy and wide they are... I have pretty wide feet. Does the ruching on the back of the flats make your heels hurt?

    My final concern is just that unless I wait until these are on sale to buy them, I'm spending $200-$300 on a pair of shoes that aren't Choos, CLs, or Manolos. I have *so* many "basics" - mostly from Charles David - and so I feel like I should expand my "upper end" collection more. What would you do?

    Anyway, without further ado, here are pix (c/o Neiman's). Thanks so much in advance for your help!


  2. I love them both - but for the moment I'm loving those maddies!
  3. I like the reva flats more! I'm not really a big fan of chunky heels.
  4. Honestly...I think the Revas will be in a lot longer than the Maddies. I own 2 pairs of the Revas & LOVE them! If you like the classic look, I would stick with the Reva.
  5. Sounds like I should go with the Revas... thanks so much for the thoughts everyone! :smile:
  6. I LOVE the reva's, and prefer them to the Maddie's! :smile: I'm just not loving the chunky heel coupled with the design... it looks like the reva plopped onto a big heel. :p JMHO... but then again, I live in reva's haha... I think I have six pairs! :nuts:
  7. My vote is for the Reva.
  8. I also love my Revas and they're very comfy, but I have narrow feet... not sure how they'd work with wide feet.
  9. I vote for the Revas. They're trendy, but in a way, they're so simple, I think it won't look outdated when it does "go out of style". As for comfort, I have wide feet and they're comfortable for me. :smile: I did go 1/2 a size up, and it was comfortable + fit perfect at first, but once the leather stretched, they're a bit too big! But still comfy!
  10. Bloomie's right now is running a shoe sale until I think the 9/21, buy 1 get 2nd pair 1/2 price. They sell both styles. Get them both, they both have different applications. I think I'm going to get the Revas.
  11. ITA. I sold my Revas and returned the white pair I had b/c I never took them out of the box lol, but I prefer them to the Maddie pumps. I do think the Sophie wedge is cute though. I just don't really like chunky heels. will have all, if not most of the styles for fall.
  12. revas are a must have...I am still feening for a pair.
  13. I second that the Revas are really comfortable. I own 2 pairs! I don't like the heel on the Maddies..
  14. the flats i hear are UNCOMFORTABLE!!! big time! SO get the heels
  15. The flats don't have alot of padding but they're comfy and I personally don't like chunky heels so I'd say the flats (I'm on my second pair...)