Tory Burch Leticia Wedges

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  1. Hi friends.... I need help making a decision....

    Would you get these wedges in white or tan? I already have black sally wedges and black reva's so black is out of the question. I'm worried the white will get dirty but I'm also worried the tan wont match with any of my clothes. Please help!

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  2. I have tan Amandas that are very similar to these and I love them. I have big feet so shy away from white shoes moreso than other colors. I use my tan ones as "nude" for me with colors when I have a tan.

    You really can't go wrong either way. :smile:
  3. I agree with ALPurseFanatic - tan goes with everything. I don't wear white shoes either because I also have big feet.

  4. I have some kind of fear of white shoes, so I would go with tan, if they are close to nude then they will go with everything and last at least a couple of seasons.
  5. My vote is tan as well.
  6. my vote is for tan as well. It's a nice change other than black all the time. White shoes make your feet bigger and are a lot harder to clean as they are prone to getting dirty.