Tory Burch Leopard Reva Flats

  1. Does anyone own the Tory Burch Reva leopard print flats? I own two pairs of Reva flats and they are both a size 7. I want to order a pair, but reading reviews... Many people are mentioning that they run small and you should order a half size up. Anyone else had that problem? Thanks!
  2. I took mine in the same size as all my other Revas, so I wouldn't say they run any differently. I have, however, had issues with the pony hair rubbing off and leaving bald spots on mine. Not sure if that's typical or if it's just a user error. :p
  3. Keep your regular reva size on these, don't size up. And like jenaywins said, the pony hair does rub off. I've seen another lady and hers were almost completely rubbed off! I think it happens from wearing pants, so if you wear shorts/dresses with them it hopefully wont be a problem.
  4. Thanks a lot jenaywins & candiebear! I'll order a 7 & I did hear about the pony hair rubbing off a bit, I guess I'll wear them with dresses and try not to wear them too often. Thanks again :smile:
  5. Speaking of TB leopard flats, I've only seen them with the gold medallion. Did they ever come with silver?
  6. ^^ Yes, as well as other colours. I actually have a pair of black patent Revas with a black patent medallion! :yes:

  7. ^ Thanks! I have plain black Revas with a silver medallion as well as those patent ones you have (good for rainy days). I've just never seen the leopard with silver.
  8. ^^ You know what, I am sorry. I totally misread your post! :blush:

    I have *not* seen leopard with silver. :nogood:
  9. Nuts! I would snap them up in a heartbeat if they made them. Thanks again! :p
  10. I got mine in a size 10. I usually wear a 9 or 9 1/2.
    The Reva in leather hurt my foot .
    I bought my leopard ones off eBay and they're comfy and I got them for a steal.( compared to regular price)
  11. Bump! :amuse:

    It's almost fall time, and I loveeeeeee leopard in the fall. I've been looking into buying a pair of leopard print flats // loafers for the fall time, and I was just about to go with the Steve Madden Maddee leopard loafers but these leopard Tory Burches get me every time! So everyone in general would recommend staying with the same size? I've heard the leopard stretches a little more than the regular leather does, is that true? And do you ladies know if the regular leopard [,default,pd.html?dwvar_50008607_color=268&start=50&cgid=shoes-flats] [NOT the new ones] are going to be back for the fall? The TB website has them but only in small quantities, and no other stores are really carrying them. Should I snatch them up now? I have a pair of the regular black Revas, so are these leopard ones worth the splurge?
  12. I'd snatch em up babe! They are so worth the splurge! :yes:

    I did not find that mine stretched anymore than any of my other Revas; I take the same size universally in Revas. :yes:
  13. Ahh thanks for tempting me! :p

    That's so weird that none of you ladies have had any problems with the leopard Revas being too small, because that's all that I'm reading from the reviews on Nordstrom & Bloomingdale's for these flats! Do these leopard ones actually stretch out like the leather Revas or do they kind of stay the same? When I got my leather Revas in my size, the 6.5, they were a little snug and then stretched out and I've worn them generously for months, but in my perfect world they could be a little bit looser. :sweatdrop: I want to be able to wear these leopard ones alllll the time, so with this, would you still recommend staying with my regular Reva size?
  14. I sized mine the exact same as my other Revas and they fit perfectly. Like J'enay said, my biggest issue was the pony hair rubbing off, leaving bald spots.
  15. gorgeous.. i only have the Nappa reva gold medalion. I want to ask which one do you use often between the two ?