Tory Burch Large Kate Bag-Black

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  1. I am trying to find the the Large Tory Burch Kate Bag. It was in the fall line and is no longer carried by any of the Tory Burch stores or any of the large department stores. Is there any small specialty shops that may still have this bag? John
  2. ^Does she have an online site that shows what stores carry her product?
  3. i don't know anything about this bag :P sorry, can't help u
    but g luck
  4. It's a beautiful bag. Her site shows the bag, but says it's unavailable. The price is reasonable, too. Best of luck--hope you find one.
  5. Here's a picture for reference:

    From the TB website

    It's a gorgeous bag....good luck finding one!
  6. i don't know if you found this but it is avail at Neiman marcus and bergdorfs
  7. I actually just purchased the tory burch kate large bage for $315 at the tory burch outlet at the woodbury commons in harriman NY. They had a few at the time. 845-9282886 if you want to call the store - :tup: