Tory Burch - glitter Revas! (pics)

  1. They arrived!

    I was very worried about these after I got my leopard Revas - I did not anticipate that the pony hair would be rubbing off where my cuff hit the back of the shoe, and I imagined that the silver glitter would come off just as easily.

    Have yet to wear these out, but will do so with caution!
    glitter1.jpg glitter2.jpg leopard1.jpg glitter.jpg
  2. I really like those.
  3. ^Wow, very nice! Love the leopard too!
  4. Those are really nice!
  5. I love them!!! I wonder if they have them in red. I would loveee red. Like Dorthy from Wizard Of Oz lol
  6. cute gotta find em
  7. Your feet look so dainty and cute! Congrats they are adorable!
  8. very girly! love them!
  9. HA! Thanks - I'm a true 11!!
  10. Where at and how much?
  11. How cute!
  12. Very cute!!!!!!
  13. Pretty:smile:
  14. So girly and pretty... if I didn't already have the silver leather, I'd get these too haha. Enjoy wearing them! :smile: