Tory Burch Glitter Infused Reva Ballet! Plus review!

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  1. [​IMG]
    I just bought these Tory Burch Glitter Infused Reva Ballet Flat and they are so so pretty that I feel like a fairy princess.....BUT after I wore them for half an hour my feet turned RED! Apparently, the leather was digging my right and left sides of my front foot. I got red marks that won't go away for two days and my feet were sore. I think this is due to the design of these particular style when the glitters glued on every surface of the leather, the leather becomes stiff, and the scrunch in the back also pushes your foot a bit forward. I am not sure is it because I didn't get the larger size? I wore size 6.5 to 7 and I got size 7.
  2. I find my Lanvins leave a red indentation on my heel, this is because they are elasticated to keep them on your feet. Not sure there's alot you can do about it.

    If they are very uncomfortable and you think it will put you off wearing them then you should return them to the store as unwearable
  3. Try putting one of those wooden shoe stretcher things in them. I have them in plain black & they hurt a little the first few times wearing them. After that they feel comfy. I think you just really need to break them in. Since those have glitter that make the leather harder, I think u should keep something in them for a few days to somewhat stretch them a little. They are cute though! :tender: