Tory burch for my birthday :)

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    It's still unbelievable to me that they give $50 on my birthday with no minimum i just got this I had to call like a dozen stores to find the hologram one I love it :smile:
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    It even came with this cute drawstring bag with a metal emblem

  3. I think it's great customer relations to keep doing this, I always buy something and spend quite a bit for than the gift card. Nice choice by the way! I got the same sort of bag with the cute metal emblem on a slim straw bag I bought during the summer.
  4. Happy belated birthday and congrats :smile:)))
  5. I LOVE receiving $50 off every year for my B-day too.

    I recently bought a pair of flats that had the shoe bag with the gold Tory emblem. Rather than leave it on the dust bag where I would hardly ever see it, I cut the string and put the emblem on the ring with my car keys. Now I can see it everyday. :smile:

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  6. I might make a necklace out of mine :smile:
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  8. The emblems are great on the dust bags but there are sooooo many more ways to show them off. Love the necklace. :smile:
  9. That looks so pretty!
  10. I love that, so cute!
  11. Wow how do you guys get the $50 gift card? Just by signing up on their mailer or do I have to purchase at least one item from the site?

    So sad that the official site doesn't ship to my country :sad:

  12. I'm already on their list for the $5o.oo birthday gift card, but I purchased something I store and she couldn't find me in the system so she added me again and told me that I would get the $50 card on my birthday now, I've purchased online before.
  13. I love this keychain and now I am intrigued about this birthday gift. A week ago I purchased my first item from Tory Burch in freestanding store (reva black flats silver emblem). I gave the associate my birthday, address and other information. Does this mean I could get a gift card for my birthday on 4/11?

  14. Yes, I'm surprised they didn't tell you that at that point, they made it very clear to me on my last shop. Some people received a full size bag as a gift, I think this was in place of a gift card, pretty generous.
  15. Awesome, thank you! I am very excited now and hopefully I will get one! I thought it was crazy all the info they wanted, but hey if it gets me a gift card I will take it :smile: