Tory Burch dipped beach bag

  1. Hi TPFers,

    I was hoping for some opinions on how you all felt about this bag and what color to get.

    Thanks for yoru opinions!
    tbblue.jpg TBGreen.jpg
  2. I love it and especially the blue one...
    Blue is for me, the colour of summer....
    I live on the Mediterranean Sea, that's why!:smile:
  3. Yah, the blue is very nice :smile: thanks for the input!!
  4. I saw the 2nd version in store on clearance. I loved the color but was a little weary of the white part not being dipped. With a little one tagging along with me everywhere this was not a good idea for me. The room and style of it would be great for someone who could keep it clean though!
  5. Hi there,

    That is totally the reason I didn't get it in the first place. I don't have any little ones right now but I can see myself having some difficulty with it down the road...i am hoping I can treat it and if it gets dirty use a cleaning pen or something... here is hoping ;)
  6. I passed on those totes as well and purchased the really cute raffia (or straw) with leather TB tote. It was on sale with an additional 25% off total purchase (purchased a gusset cross body as well). You might still be able to get it on the website.
    I always wanted a straw handbag but passed on so many. Luckily, I saw a TB owner for a 1 1/2 right there in the store. Her purse was living proof that two young kids would not destroy the bag. Good luck
  7. I like the blue.
  8. Hi there! I have that one in yellow... I chose the yellow one because i bought mine during summer time, i was thinking, yellow = summer... Haha!

    But, please please get the blue one.... Mainly
    - its more lovely
    - you may use it even if summer is over
    - not so high maintainance ;)

    If only i would be given a chance to swap, i would swap mine with the blue one :smile:
  9. Hi There!!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for this. I was actually a little worried about the bottom and yellow being a light color and therefore harder to care for. This is super helpful. I'm sorry you don't love yours, however, the positive is its more neutral so you can wear it with more...and although I don't live there anymore, I did live in Nevada for a long time, and the sun is always shining :biggrin: enjoy your Tory because she is beautiful too!
  10. I love both!!
  11. - - Yeah, I guess we are lucky here with the great sunshine on our side :smile:
    and, thanks. I know this one is pretty too!! Btw, I just bought another Tory... and im loving my Tory Ella tote, haha! oh well, what can I do, I just couldn't resistttttt... :smile: :smile: :smile:
  12. I think I'm about to get the dena it! Just got the horsebit satchel's terrible