Tory Burch Denevue Patent Pumps - keep or return?

  1. Hi all
    I've always heard that Tory Burch makes comfortable shoes. So I was browsing them today and came across the Denevue pumps. The rubber sole and quilted, soft patent leather makes them a delight to wear indeed. Do you think they're too trendy? I know the Reva's are considered as such since almost everyone and their mom has them and the hardware/logo is so large and in-your-face. But at least the logo on these is the size of a quarter so I'm hoping they look a little classier. I also love the gold detailing on the heel and toe. They also happen to match my Marc Jacobs Ines nicely. What do you think? Should I keep?
    i am loving the rubber sole!
    too matchy matchy?
  2. ooo definately a keeper! They are very sophisticated and very classy! You rock it well!
  3. You know, these are not my taste at all, but I immediately liked them. They look great on you. Keepers! :tup:
  4. I am not too crazy about the gold tips, but they do look good on you.
  5. They look gorgeous on you! Definitely keep them especially since they're comfortable.
  6. wow they look great with the bag!
  7. Keep! They look amazing on you. :smile:
  8. KEEP!! I love these!
  9. They are very pretty. I think you could wear them a long time. Not to trendy. They are a cross between Chanel (quilting) and JC (with the gold)
  10. ah thank you gals :smile: i'm glad you like them. makes me feel better now :biggrin:
  11. I vote you keep them. The TB did a great job with those pumps. I like the quilted patent and the style of the shoes is timeless and edgy all in one. I usually don't like gold, but it works really well with the design of the shoe. BTW, I love how it looks with your MJ.
  12. stinam, thank you for the insightful reply. i totally agree, timeless and edgy. if i'm gonna be spending $300 for shoes, they better be WOW :biggrin: i'm glad they match my MJ. i'm also glad that my MJ isn't patent leather or else i think it'd be too much.

    now to break these babies in... :push:
  13. These are totally hot, I would definately keep them. Hopefully they are comfortable too
  14. ichelle, I completely agree with you that if you are spending the money, you want a shoe that is unique. I was the opposite when I started buying expensive shoes. Now that I have too many basics, I try to make sure that my next pair of shoes has some WOW to it too.

    If the patent is very snug on the TB pumps, I would recommend taking them to a very good cobbler to get them stretched. You want to be able to wear and enjoy them without paining your way through it.
  15. yay, thank you for keeping my buyer's remorse at bay. i love tpf :smile:

    fortunately, the patent is not snug at all! you'd think otherwise since usually patent is stiff. but if you get to feel this material IRL, it's very soft and even a bit squishy due to the quilting :love: i just need to put on some band aid blister block and go to town :p (that stuff has saved me many times).