Tory Burch "Cristi" Woven Slingback Ballet

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  1. I've been wanting those too!:yahoo: Thanks for posting the good deal!
  2. still plenty of size left.. and they have it in my size.. temptinggggg... musttt resssiiissssttttt..
  3. is there any coupons for bloomngdales?
  4. Use promo code FLOWER for $25 off a $150 purchase at Bloomingdales online
  5. Cundle: Thanks for the promo code :tup:
  6. ooh cute! do these run tts?
    is there a combinable free shipping code??

  7. For me, yes it runs tts.

  8. Thanks Cundle... i got an additional $25 off. :yahoo:
  9. dang...should've checked out before lunch. now it's not available in 6.5 anymore.
  10. awww... bummer.

    keep checking bloomie's site... they always have new sale items.
  11. those are sooo cute. but they no longer have a size 6 :search:
  12. OMG what a steal!! too bad i already have 2 pairs of the reva flats. Does anyone know if these are comfy?
  13. My reva flats were comfy but the leather ripped within 2 weeks and had to return them. I'll let you know when i get these... woohoo... cant wait! :yahoo:
  14. Hi there... First time posting on this site! Just wanted to thank you so much for posting this great sale. I placed my order today... couldn't decide which color so I decided I just had to have both. Everything matches silver or gold, right?! Thanks again. Can't wait to get them!