Tory Burch Clothingline Sample Sale

  1. Has any been over there yet? I was hoping for some line/price feedback before I give up my lunch hour.

    TIA ladies.
  2. I just got home from the sale. Prices were on the expensive side, but the the selection was good. I was mainly looking at the flats, but think the prices were around:
    Flats: $135
    Heals: $150-175
    Boots: $200-250

    They had a lot of reva flats in green, navy, gold, silver, white snakeskin, red\yellow quilted and tassled shoes. Pumps were black, brown and a few other colors. Clothes were decently priced depending on what you were looking for. Shirts, including cottons ones, were $75, sweaters $125, sweater jackets 200, dresses around $120, sequin around 200, etc. They also had a lot of totes starting at $135. I arrived at 8am and got right in, but the line was down and around 36th street when I left.
  3. Thanks for the update! You have a great memory!
  4. I passed it by around 10:05 on my way to work, there was a huge line along 36th St. I bet lunch hour time will get even crazier!
  5. did you get a look at the Iisli stuff at the sale? any prices on those?
  6. Does anyone know if they had the 3/4 length sleeve black sequin dress?
  7. thanks for the update!!
  8. I didn't take a good look, but remember them being cheaper then the Tory Burch clothing.
  9. thanks for the report! was wondering whether i should go after work today ..
  10. Thanks for all the feedback.. I really wanted a pair of boots, but I think I'll wait until the end and see if they slash prices again.
  11. Yes, thanks for the update!!
  12. Did the shoes come in an array of sizes? I really wanted the Amy pump in a 10 but I can not seem to find them anywhere.
  13. ohhhh I definitely want to check out the Iisli stuff...
  14. I went there around 3 pm. and waited only 5 - 10 mins to get in. However, there was a long line if you want to buy shoes. Their selections are great. Not too many clothes in size 0 though. When I came out at 5 pm, there was no line.
  15. :tdown:I went around 2pm and waited about 20 minutes outside and almost 45 minutes by the shoe area. I was very disappointed. I am a size 8.5 and there was nothing in my size. There was 2 or 3 pumps in size 10 and 11 and some flats in red, yellow, animal print, white in size 9 and 10..and 5,6..

    clothing wise- there were some nice pants and dresses but i personally was very disappointed in this sale. i was so mad at myself that i wasted my lunch break for this.