Tory Burch classic totes

  1. Hi happy to learn there is a TB thread here.:smile:

    Would like to ask the ladies here if these totes/style are all classic? I want to own a TB tote which I can use the ella tote a huge bag for casual use? Recommendations please...

    lastly is it safe to buy a TB bag from, and bloomingdales?

    0465151135023R_CBRIGHTRED_300x400.jpg NMV0R13_mt.jpg NMV0PXQ_mt.jpg NMV0R2B_mt.jpg
  2. Love all of your options.... I love orange but I think if it's for everyday use I would go with the tan. It's definitely safe to buy from Bloomingdales I get all of my TB shoes and accessories there. Happy shopping!
  3. Agreed! The orange is a beautiful color, but if you want to wear the bag everyday, go with the tan tote. :smile:

  4. I like the blue it looks the material is more user friendly, I would check Nordstroms also.
  5. hi! i just placed an order for an ella metallic tote. the handles are easier to put on the shoulders rather than the thick ones in the nylon totes. I buy some of my tory burch stuffs from saks, Nordstrom, neiman marcus and bloomingdales. :smile: happy shopping!
  6. Can someone tell me why it wouldn't be safe to buy from or I'm new to this forum and want to make sure I am an educated buyer. Thanks!
  7. hi ladies!
    I am new to this forum. I just wanted to ask you guys for your opinion on a TB bag i just bought. I bought the nylon ella black tote and it is simply amazing, thing is i bought it off a ebay so i am a bit iffy about the bag. I notice that everything is perfectly fine but the outside buttons i see are plain, online i see that they have some imprints on it? can't catch what it says though, Please let me know if my bag is real or fake or old! Thanks