Tory burch cameron wedges

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  1. Hi all. I saw that shopbop is having a 25% off sale and wanted to know if any if you have had experience with the cameron wedges? Are they TTS or should I size up or down? Thanks in advance.
  2. Really? 69 views and no replies? I ordered them in my regular size so hopefully they fit.
  3. I didn't answer as I have no experience with them(the wedges that is). I had hoped someone would reply here because I was curious too. Hell I ordered Revas on that sale and they'd better fit or back they go! I think this week has been rather quiet because of the holiday or something, even some of the premier designer forums that are usually busy are quiet right now.
  4. I have the Revas and they are TTS. So far I ordered all my TB shoes in a size 8 and have not had any problems with them fitting.
  5. I hope you have good luck with the Cameron wedges. I was told that Revas run TTS so I ordered my normal size. So it should work out. Definitely anticipating getting them here.
  6. I wear the same size in the Eddie and Amanda wedges which look similar to the Cameron's... I would guess they are TTS... I am also interested to hear and sorry that I cannot contribute more to your question.
  7. I'll let you know how they work out once I receive them in the mail.
  8. So I received them in the mail tonight and ordered a size 8 but they seem to run a bit small and really narrow. Only problem is shop bop doesn't have an 8.5 so I would have to size up to a 9 which would probably be way too big. Idk what to do. They fit, but I feel like its a tight fit.
  9. I have the Cameron wedge thong sandal. I went up a half size as I feel the TB line runs small. These are very slippery and Im having a hard time keeping one of them on my foot as I walk. I got those thong gel sandal cushions to put in them and it seems a bit better. I am annoyed bc for the price point, I do not feel like the shoes are made well from her line. The looks are beautiful but the craftsmanship needs to step it up.