Tory Burch booties on NM backorder...anywhere available now?

  1. These are on backorder with NM online until December 2007. Hello, December??? I hope they are kidding. These are gorgeous!


    I'll keep looking locally and online but please help me out here, ladies!
  2. Also, may get them. I would just call and ask them as well. They are based out of Cali. They aren't showing it on their website, but who knows?
  3. ashakes, you rock!! Thanks for all your help and PMs too! I will call and get the scoopage. Oh yeah I'm all for no sales tax....
  4. I got these at NM - in my Reva size - but they were too big! I love them! I'll get them in my regular size!
  5. Hey all, great news!! Mine arrived today! Got home late so I haven't tried them on but they look AMAZING IRL!! Love the logo'd back zipper pulls...