Tory Burch ballet flats

  1. Hi. has them now... I know they were hard to find for a while. I wish they were on sale...:sad:
  2. Thanks for the tip!

    I have a pair that I purchased from my local Nordstrom and they are super comfy.

    Good luck in getting a pair...they are worth it!
  3. SuLi- I had bought a pair in December, and when I tried them on, my size was way too tight and I asked the lady if it was normal. She said most people go 1/2 size up for the flats. So I got size 7 (I'm usually 6.5) b/c it did feel right and snug at the time. But now, I don't know if it's b/c the weather is super cold and/or if the shoes have stretched just a teensy bit~~when I walk, my heels on one side slips out and the back leather part looks a wrinkly b/c my feet don't feel up the back!! :crybaby: It's too big on me, so I'm trying to find a way to get it to fit. Did this happen to you as well?
  4. bella1 - I found them to be a bit tight at first (I did not go up half a size) and it was kind of uncomfortable to wear at first. However, they fit perfectly now and I love them. I'm sorry about the troubles that you are having with yours. Maybe you can get some FootPetals to help you (they can be found at Nordies). I love "Heavenly Heels" - not sure how they work with the "scrunched" by back, but it's worth a shot to try the line.

    Good luck!