Tory Burch Aurelia Wedge - black or brown?

  1. Hi all!

    I got these at Nordstrom Rack today... I was lucky enough to seize the last two pairs which both fit perfectly! I'm planning to keep only one pair and return the other... which color would you pick? And why?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I like the black pair because I wear mostly black
  3. Which Nordstrom Rack and how much? If I had to keep only one, it would be the black. You would get more use out of it. I like them both though.
  4. OMG, love them, you are so fortunate to have both of them - if you don't keep them both then it will be absolutely one of those "I wished I'd kept' stories..... they are both wardrobe staples, you will regret for sure and yearn for the one you didn't get! :p
  5. I say keep them both bcoz they are sooooo nice.
  6. Pasadena, CA. They were $179 a pair before tax :smile:
  7. it'd be hard to return one....i'd want to keep both!

    if you HAVE to return one, i would prob keep black. i wear a lot of black and it goes with everything. if you can-keep both :smile:
  8. Keep the black one ! I think you'll find more wear out of them
  9. Black, because I would wear them for work.
  10. both. I want a pair
  11. What a great Norstrom Rack find!!
  12. Both!
  13. Both look great but if I could only pick one, it would be the black pair :smile:
  14. I think it depends on your current shoe inventory. If you have a lot of brown shoes, maybe it would be good to keep the black ones and vice versa. I personally would keep the brown because I have too many black pumps already!

    Brown is perfect for fall and you could make it work for warmer months too. HTH :smile: