Tory Burch Audrey Flats Sz.10 $89.90 at Saks

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  1. great price.. :tup:
  2. Oh, I want them so bad! Anyone know if they run big or small?
  3. they run tts, but i think i could have also worn 1/2 size up :smile:
  4. I do believe I read a few threads here... somewhere... about how horrible these are to wear due to the plastic rubbing and blistering feet. I'll see if I can find it...

    Ok - I went through 10 pages and can't find it :sad: The thread was called something like "Do you think NM is right to not take return"... could have been Nordies... sorry guys - I can't be more help.
  5. Yes, Asark, you are correct. Someone ordered them and wore them and they were very uncomfortable. She sent them back to NM, but they returned them and did not give her a refund because they were worn. They won't stretch because they are plastic.
  6. i have these -- DO NOT BUY THEM. they will hurt you like nothing ever has.
    i'm a 6, can usually wear 5.5. i bought these in 6 and they still hurt. i tried stretching them with a shoe stretcher -- nothing. i dont know if going up another .5 would have helped. i just think they're poor quality shoes.