Tory Burch Ali sandals, pix

  1. Does anyone own these? I have searched the other threads in this forum, but didn't see these.

    I just ordered a pair from in black patent leather. I think they look nice, and the logo circle thing is small. If they are comfy, I may get a pair in gold or silver also.

    SO does anyone own them? Or tried them on? I hope they are comfortable to wear........

  2. I think these shoes are ADORABLE! As for comfortable, that depends on the person, I guess. For me, if a thong style like this has too much of a slant from heel to toe, I feel like my foot is sliding down the shoe and my toe cleavage gets sort of shoved too far into it and that doesn't feel too good. But, if the slant of the shoe isn't too bad, then the thongy thing stays where it should and doesn't cut into the space between my big toe and my first toe. Let us know -- these are cuties!
  3. I don't have these, but all of my Tory Burch shoes are very comfortable, I am sure these will be too. I was in NYC last week and everyone was wearing them, which is a good sign because people were walking a lot!
  4. Here are mine - I quite like them, but I wouldn't walk for hours in them - the thin straps don't hold your foot exactly in the right place, so with brisk walking, your foot can slip around. (You can kind of see what I mean - my right foot was not quite "on" in the right place.)

    But they are quite lovely, and great for strolling in hot shopping weather!

  5. Enjoy them -- they look FABULOUS!!:tup:
  6. LOVE the silvr ones
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses!!!! I got them in the mail yesterday and wore them out right away.....they are padded and very comfortable, I had them on for a few hours, and lots of walking, and they felt really good. Now I think I want them in either silver or gold....or both, LOL!!!!!

    Thanks again for all the input!!!!!

  8. Those are cute!
  9. Cute. Does the thong part bother the part in between your toes?
  10. Enjoy them with the warm weather
  11. really cute, I want a silver pair. Nordstroms here i come.

  12. No, not at all. It's very narrow and I don't even really feel it, but then thong sandals never really bother me. But give them a try, the padded foot bed is so totally worth it!!!!!
  13. I got these in black back in February and they were so comfy my Mom stole them! LOL I'm contemplating getting them again in silver/gold too. Did you end up buying another pair?
  14. Oh man, we've got such a short summer season here but I am a total junkie for sandals. Thanks for corrupting me, ladies, I'm going to check these out!!!
  15. those are cute how much were they/>?