1. Tonight I thought I'd treat myself to a manicure I have the weekend off and thought it would be a nice little celebration treat.

    It was horrific! The first manicurist cut herself so another took over they put this thing on my cuticles which burned then used one of those cuticle pushes so violently my fingers were sore.

    Oh but it's not finished there then came the little clippers to cut the excess skin that was so painful and to top it off 5 out of my 10 fingers are bleeding, I didn't notice at first but once I did I was out of there

    I never had a manicure that painful and my fingers look worse than when I went in :crybaby:
  2. OH HELL NO! I HATE GOING INTO GET A MANI/PEDI COZ THEY ARE REALLY ROUGH! i'm sorry you're in there any way you can complain/report them????

    i hope u didn't give that person tip!

    also years and years ago a lady cut one of my fingers putting on acrylics on me or while she was filing my nails and i was so pissed! so i can imagine 5 fingers cut!!! *OUCH*!
  3. Oh whoa, how horrific. You should've asked for the manager and a refund - that sounds unusually harsh.
  4. OMG Claire, I'm so sorry! Put some ointment on it so they cuts don't get infected! I would go to the manager and let them know what they did to you, that's disgusting! never go back there again *hugs* i hope you feel better :heart:
  5. That is very suspicious indeed, manicures should NOT be that painful plus make you bleed... YIKES!!!:wtf::confused1::cursing:
    You can get infected :throwup:if you do especially with all the MRSA that is leaking out the hospitals and floating around!!! I don't go to manicures/pedicures anymore... I saw the stories on Oprah (I think) on how someone contacted flesh eating disease from one of the manicure place.

    Did you talk to the manager?? I would plus will take some pictures as well!!!
    You should have asked for a refund and if you get infected, a lawsuit!

  6. yep - total agree w/dustypaws.... I hope you didn't pay for that torture session :yucky: That's just not right, not cool, not kosher - the manicure is suppose to relax you not to injure you :cursing:... get your money back!!! I am sorry your manicure was a total nightmare...
  7. Its a nail bar/salon that's been open a little while they have a branch in the city and this one is in the shopping centre the benefit for it is that it's quick and you don't need an appointment, I've used the other branch before and it was always good no problems and they are quallified it's not some dodgy backalley place.
    The only problem is that all the staff are Asian and don't speak very good english only maybe one or two people speak good english but the worst bit is I think that she was the manager it was hard enough to get her stop never mind trying to complain

    But don't worry I will never be going back and I have my germ killer nearby
  8. Ugh, that sucks. I had a pedicure like that once. When the lady started the second foot I just said "ouch" as soon as she got the pumice stone out. She knew what I meant and just skipped it on that foot...

    I hope your hands feel better soon :flowers:
  9. Not good. The last manicure I had was similar to your experience. I will not get another one anytime soon. Please use some antibiotic ointment on those cuts. Here's hoping you heal up fast!
  10. Here are my poor fingers they don't look so bad in the pics but all the skin is kind of pushed or cut away from teh base of my nails they are pretty sore they have calmed down a lot though so hopefully tomorrow they won't hurt at all

    Excuse my grotty nails that burning stuff and scraping made them look all steaky white [​IMG]
  11. OMG Cliare that is awful !!! :s the nail looks awful bleeding, gave me the chills. IDK what you should do now, just make sure not to go back. Is this like a chain ??, can you write to head office ??
  12. Ouch!
    I'm too afraid to get a manicure. I hate pointy objects being around my cuticles.
  13. OMG those photos make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

    Write a letter of complaint, enclosing the photos. Or ring them up and ask to speak to the manager. This is unacceptable and dangerous - the broken skin could lead to all sorts of infections and a manicure is a really basic procedure - if they've been properly trained, it should be easy... No excuses for stuffing up, especially not to this degree!
  14. OMG! Put some antiseptic on it right away!! I hope you feel better.
  15. If it's any help, I find Crabtree & Evelyn's "La Source Hand Therapy" heals nasty little hand injuries literally overnight. I don't care for the fragrance at all, but wouldn't be without it ... it's healing and soothing, quite the little miracle in a tube. Sorry you had such a nasty experience.