Tortured Chanel Ballet Flats

  1. That's really gross! I bet you if they took it to a repair shop, it would look much better. I can't believe people would sell something so worn.
  2. She has chutzpah,wearing her flats out and then attempting to sell them.

    Still,they're shoes and she's treated them as such. And if anyone buys it that's their problem!
  3. i don't understand why there are people bidding???? so weird!
  4. They look pretty gross and people who are bidding on them must be desperate for Chanel Shoes, YUUUKKKK wearing someone elses used shoes!!!
  5. lol...ewwwwwwwwwww....nasty!
  6. Yea .... I'm more shocked that there are actually people bidding.
  7. Eww... there might be fungus growing inside of that poor shoe, who knows... so gross. :sad:
  8. uch.....i just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  9. I can't believe someone would actually bid on them :confused1: One must really want a pair of Chanel shoes
  10. disgusting..!!!
  11. ew! :nogood:
  12. i just feel so upset how anyone could treat a pair of beautiful shoes this way! she should be jailed for this! Sentence her to 5 years wearing CROCS!! lol
  13. yucks, horrible!
  14. :wtf: I...I just don't have any words.