Tortoise VP's!!!!

  1. Two pair of tortoise VP's just popped up on!!!!! 37.5 and 35.5!!! Of course not my size:hysteric:... Go get them girls!!! lol
  2. :yes: They are still there! I wore them all weekend when I was in Vegas and let me tell you they are very versatile!
  3. they're so gorgeous!
  4. I have these and not sure what to wear them with. any suggestions?
  5. Jeans and black or brown top. Very simple outfit. Let the shoes speak....
  6. You can wear them with a lot! I wore them with a silk jersey Paul & Joe wrap dress in red for a night out. I wore them during the day with a grey kimono sleeve dress from Old navy. Wore them with jeans, really, this shoe can be worn with a lot of stuff and is very comfortable as it is versatile.
  7. this is true. I guess the "brown" throws me off and i need to forget the old rule that brown cannot go with black. :smile:
  8. argh! never in my size! I'd wear it with ANYTHING if only 39/39.5 showed up...
  9. they must be gone. I don't see them.
  10. these are one of my HG shoes...maybe some will pop up again in march or april when i will finally have some extra money!