Tortiose pigalle 70, fit, sizing.etc.

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  1. Ok, I need to know who all has the pigalle and, are they comfy? Let me say I am considering the tortiose 70 heel, so right off the bat I know it will be a lot different than the 100 or 120. After much drama trying to get the grease paint black patent 85 yoyo's I am now thinking this will be a nice addition, thanks to some enabling from Lavender, who put the thought in my head!! Now I can't shake it!! One of the salon shoe managers will be calling me in the morning and if they have my size he wilk send it right out. He is being so nice thanks to all the confussion and two wrong pairs being sent.Also, anyone else have the tortise?? I was so in love with the peanuts in tortise so I know I will love the pattern. I have never tried on the pigalle and wanted some other opinions. I have so many wonderful TPF friends why not ask!!??? ;):woohoo:
  2. So no 0ne has every tried this style???
  3. LOL Sorry honey I haven't but I think you can't go wrong with a 70 mm as far as comfort!
  4. From my experience Pigalle 70 runs small, best to size up 1/2 a size (or more if you have wide feet). Normally with Pigalle 100 I find them to be true-to-size and even running on the wide side, but with Pigalle 70 I sized up 1/2 a size from my Pigalle 100 "true size." HTH!
  5. I have them and I love them. I had to go up to a 40.5. My "usually" CL size is a 40. They are very comfortable & easy to walk in.
  6. I found them pretty comfy. They were the same size as my wine yoyos.
  7. I would have to agree with Foxy on the sizing with the Pigalle 70mm. Did you end up getting them Claudia? Do you also have the tortoise wedge?
  8. I am still om the fence, I do not have the wedge even though I would have killed or mamed to get it...I know I want ot..but trying to be good....I wish I had a picture of it.
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    i wish i saw this thread before i ordered the tortoise pigalle 70 in my true size...!
  10. do you think:

    wide feet + patent pigalle 70 = 1 size up?
    or half size up?

    will 1 size up make the back/heel slip?

  11. I have the patent pigalle 70, and wide-ish feet. I ordered my usual CL size of 38 (up half a size from my "true" 37.5). It took a couple of wears to get used to them since the sides are so low-cut, but now they are soooo comfy.
  12. so half a size then
  13. I'd size up a half a size in the Pigalle 70s.
  14. I have this exact shoe. Love it, quite comfortable, I got a 39 and I am usually a US 8.
  15. I went half a size up with my patent 70s. I had to put heel grips in them but they are so comfy now! They did stretch a little in the width, but that made them more comfy! Could walk all day in these!