torquoise ostrich kelly or blue jean togo birkin??

  1. hi i would like to know your opinion..
  2. What do you own in Hermes? Will this be your first bag? Give us some info. about you???

    With no info. I would vote the birkin
  3. i would say this is my first..;) i was supposed to have a gold togo birkin as a graduation gift from my aunt but something terrably happen to her..:sad:
  4. I think info on your lifestyle, how you dress, what you like to do would help! You've picked pretty different bags!
  5. I am all for the Blue Jean Birkin! Good luck
  6. Totally agree with Tweetie...we like to give the best advice we can!
  7. bj can always get a kelly later. even in an exotic skin leather.

  8. At first glance I would say BJ Togo Birkin, but I realise that's just me and my lifestyle, so I totally agree with tweetie: if you want a real advise we need to know something more about you your tastes and your lifestyle.:shrugs:
  9. How about an ostrich Birkin?:flowers:
  10. Bj birkin..........................:yes:
  11. Very different bags...I would say BJ birkin...
  12. Both are TDF. I guess, which ever comes your way first.......and if both do, which ever one it's 'love at first sight' with.
  13. Get the Birkin!!
  14. i would say a birkin.. its harder to get a birkin so if u are offered one, take it!
  15. Personally, I dont really like turqouise in ostrich, so I vote for the BJ birkin as well!