Torontonians - do we have high end consignment shops, too?

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  1. I hear people talk about finding great deals in their local consignment shops and I know we have some fairly affluent areas in Toronto but I haven't seen any high end consignment shops (esp that stock good selection of handbags/accessories). Does anyone know of any or are we just outta luck?
  2. not too sure about consignment shops, but the paper bag princess on davenport near avenue is suppose to have gorgeous designer vintage accessories. hope this helps!
  3. there's one in yorkville that sells consignment designer bags. its a store thats on the 2nd floor of this strip of stores that are in buildings that look like townhouses...sorry that sounds so vague. Around cumberland, yorkville try that area
  4. sometimes if you google your area and consignment shops it'll give you a list
  5. I know Augustina in Yorkville (right by Hemmingways and across Bay Subway station) sells some great bags and other accessories albeit their selection tends to be small. I believe their RM Matinee (they have the Grey) is on sale for 30% off. You could give them a try.