Toronto wedding in Feb! Please help!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I have a wedding and a reception after to attend in Toronto in 2 weeks. It was a bit of a short notice (shotgun;) but really happy for them) so I don't have much time to think of what to wear. Considering the Toronto winter (although quite mild this year), it could be between -8 to -28. Could you give me some suggestions? I am just thinking of suits but I wear suits to work everyday, it feels kind of weird wearing suits to a wedding too but it's so cold. It's a small wedding with smart casual as dress code FYI.


  2. I am not far from you and today it has dumped about 3 ft of snow.
    Anything that you wore over the holidays will be totally appropriate in 2 weeks. Despite resort and spring being in many of the stores we are far away from wearing it.
    How about a long sleeved wrap dress with tall boots, tights and jewellry?
    Or a velvet jacket and dress pants?
    Like I said, if you have anything from the holidays, you could totally wear it now.
    Or better yet, you could probably still get something on sale!!
  3. ^^I agree...Think of heavier fabrics such as tweeds, wool, velvet etc. Good luck on your dress search!
  4. How about Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress? I love her wrap dress. It's dressy enough and quite casual as well. DVF wrap dresses come in many patterns and materials like wool or cashmere.
  5. you could try a plain long sleeves DVF wrap dress with tweed jacket/ jewelled cashmere/wool cardigan+boots
    or above the knee dress with cardigan and boots

    or you can go with a fancy blouse+wool pant (kind of a tuxedo look)

    if you go with the dress, i think it is better choose something with clear waistline or wear the dress with wrapped cardigan/ belt if you wear with boots.