Toronto vs Manhattan: See you in a few days!

  1. My mom and I went to Toronto yesterday, and naturally we had to stop at the Louis Vuitton on Bloor St and Holt Renfrew. I must say I was a little disappointed, because there weren't many selections, and the prices and taxes in Canada, even after conversion, are significantly higher than in the U.S.:huh: So my mom only ended up buying a Taiga wallet for my dad -- simply because we discovered the price difference only after she told the SA she'd get the wallet :rolleyes: -- and said that when we go to Manhattan tomorrow, I can get whatever I want then :nuts:.

    The plus side of it is that I finally solved my Speedy dilemma :p. I looked at the Perfo Speedy 30 on display yesterday, and had the SA show me a Speedy 25, and I decided that the 25 was the right size for me :amuse:. Also, I saw the Tikal PM, and I found that I didn't really like it that much, because the canvas is softer than usual, and the handle is heavy due to the hardware on it. So I guess I won't be getting that after all :hrmm:. I also wanted to look at the Vernis Perle Lagoon Clutch, but the Bloor St store was all out of them, and get this -- a male SA at Holt Renfrew had no idea that the Lagoon Clutch actually existed, and when he asked the female SA, she told me that they only had it in Monogram Canvas. So I'll cross my fingers and hope that I can find it in Manhattan. And I'm glad I didn't get my mom the Batignolles Horizontal for Mother's Day, which I'd planned to as a surprise, because when I showed it to her in the store yesterday, she said she didn't like that the bag had only one big compartment (don't count the patch and cell phone pockets).

    And that's all folks. My flight to Manhattan is at 8:55AM tomorrow, so I'll be leaving my house at 7AM, therefore I'll be away from this forum until Friday night. Y'all take care and I'll see you when I get back :kiss:. Watch out for all my new goodies!!! :yahoo: