Toronto Meet!!!!!

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  1. :smile:Hello all,

    I haven't seen any posting for Toronto meet so I am thinking we should have one... Come on Torontonians let's meet! I am so jealous I want to go to the Banff Alberta meet but can't afford the tix right now... So who wants to help me get this meet going in TO? Maybe the LV boutiques here will give us some special treatment as well...:yes:

    COme on people! What do you think? :biggrin:

  2. none around here but closest thing you will get here in toronto is the holts shopping night .. september 5th 2007.. gona be fun night ... on my invitation card says rsvp.. do you really have to... sorry for the off topic.. hope some one does come by and read this
  3. i think it'd be very fun. i'm up for it. i just had a great experience at the yorkdale holts lv boutique today. as for private shoping night no, u dont' have to rsvp.
  4. thank you for the info.. yea i just don't wanna not be allowed in on the night haha.. well i went to the lv boutique on bloor at holts and they helped me order a cabas vail. they promised me it will be in for me by wednesday..a couple more hundred dollars i can get the 200$ gift certificate.. so excited... any of you planning any big purchases
  5. what's the cabas vail?
    i plan on buying the saleya mm and a neo cabby, but unsure of the size yet on the cabby. we will see. and now seeing the pictures of the nimbus, i don't know what i will do if i happen to come across one.
  6. A Toronto meet sounds like a fantastic idea. What about planning it to run same day and time as the Banff meet?
    They could run simultaniously. Maybe the Banff staff could offer the T.O. store some tips on how to organize it and how they are going to run theirs?!
  7. Hi there, That is a great idea, who wants to help out with organizing one? I think It'll be really cool :biggrin:
  8. I'm me anytime.
  9. Does anybody have a particularily good relationship with an SA at the Bloor Store....that could run the idea past them? We could take it from there. We'd have to get on this fast though. It's only a month away.
    I think one of the manager's names there is Angie or Angela. The SA that was helping me paged her to come help when she had a problem that she was unsure about.
  10. Getting the Bloor store to! :nuts:
  11. :tup:Hi Everyone,

    Please go to the link below if you are interested on having an Ontario meet!

    Please don't hate me for posting this here, but I think a lot of people aren't looking at the "meet" thread, so I figure I post this here first then they can go and look at the actual thread below:

    Thanks everyone!

  12. We have a lot of people that shop at the Bloor store .. or order from them on the forum, even from outside of TO.. My Geranium Le Tal just came from there :smile: and other things LOL .. depending when this one is I'd consider coming too - tag it on to a visit to family in Montreal :smile: unless its the same date as Banff.
  13. Hi there,

    It won't be the same time as the Banff event for sure, since we need more time to set it up.
  14. Hmm.. depending on the date, I would love to make it. I am 4 hours away.
  15. Count me in! I have never been involved in something like this but I would be willing to help out. JUst let me know.