Toronto LV Christmas Party

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  1. I was wondering if anyone heard about/went to the Toronto Christmas party. I was at the Bloor LV store two Thursdays ago and there were greeters and champagne being served...I assumed it was a semi-private function but perhaps it was the Christmas party.

    Anywho I was just wonderin if anyone had gone/heard about it! :tup:
  2. No I didn't hear anything...I asked about it in another post not sure if anyone replied as they were mostly talking about NYC.

    It would be great to get an invite to one of them.
  3. i think that was the jewellery launch, my SA mentioned something to me about it.
  4. Yup, it was the jewellery launch. There's something about watches too on the invite. Didn't go though.
  5. ohhhh i see...hmmm, i wonder when the Toronto Christmas party will be...ohhh, i wish they had extended hours for the holidays - i'm picking up a wallet for my dad and it kills me to have to wait until thurs/fri to go there after work. :sad:
  6. they did extend their hours for the holidays, they're now open till 8, i'm not sure if it's everyday or on selected weekdays, you could call to verify.
  7. i actually called today and they're open til 7pm M-W (usually it's open 'til 6pm) Th and F are still open til 8pm (the usual) and I think Sat is 11-7? and Sun is extended 1 hr each way - 11-6 (i think!)
  8. I would love to go to a LV party! But good thing that I don't get invited because my bank account couldn't handle it hehe
  9. Anyone know how to get invited?
  10. ^ Buy a lot of stuff.
  11. lol how much is a lot? I have bought 9 or 10 items from them in a 4 month period do I need to buy more??? It's ok if I do HA HA I don't need much of an excuse to ever buy more :lol:
  12. BTW - when i went to the store yesterday one of the SA's was writing cards to the customers. I casually asked if it was for the Christmas party, and he said that it was just a holiday greeting....soooo, since Christmas is coming so close either they're not having a Christmas party, or there are some very silent luckies who have already went.