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  1. I dont shop in Toronto often but would like to do some updating.
    I am wondering if you could give me some suggestions on where I can find some nicely tailors shirts, i'm looking for dressy casual. Blouses, t-shirts and stuff like that. Stuff that would be great with jeans but yet could wear with a dress pant, or capris.
    Basicly looks for clothes that make you look put together.

    Maybe i need a personal shopper (blushes) i hate shopping for clothes like this.
  2. i beleive the best place for all that stuff in TNT Women in Hazelton. Its really $$$ but it really good quility and you can find some unusaly stuff. Holtrenfrew is also great. i great my shirts at banana rebublic, its resonably priced

    hope u get gr8 stuff
  3. wher is that (TNT Women in Hazelton) located? I dont know TO very well so i have to get my B/f to take me.
  4. never been there.. hmm something i might have to check out, thanks.
  5. You should be able to find everything you're looking for at Yorkdale Mall OR on Bloor Street.
  6. I would suggest Banana Republic. TNT is great, but very pricey. Depends on how much you're looking to spend. I agree with the others, Yorkdale or Bloor St. is your best bet. I'm not sure what direction you're coming into the city from, but Sherway Gardens is also a great mall.
  7. Banana Repulic or GAP are great places for stuff you are looking for and not too pricey! And you can put the $$$ you save towards a new bag!!!:lol: I usually luck out @ Winners. I think if you go to Yorkdale, you should be able to find everything you are looking for. Good luck!
  8. Yorkdale and Sherway are two great malls to check out!
    You can also check out H&M on bloor as well as Winners.
  9. I went shopping today.. thought i'd just look in every store in the mall.. Well i found some TDF linen pants.. omg how comfy, and beautiful tailor blouse, and Awesome black capris. I did purchase 2 casual shirts that the sales lady had one..
    I was trying on a blouse and well lets just say my pants did nothing for it, so the sales lady grabbed me these linen pants and WOW! she had them on with the shirt i bought and its just very dress casual but the linen pants will be must more dressier with the blouse. Same goes for the capris with the blouse will be dressy but with the shirts i got today a little more casual but much more put together.
    I found my finds at the gap, jacob connection and Mexx.
    I also tried on jeans at the gap and was suprised that they fit and looked good.

    So all in all a semi productive day.
  10. I found a winners with a jewelery boutique in it but couldn't find anything i liked. I browsed through some clothes but just didn't see anything.. I guess you really have to look.
    I just want pieces that look well put together yknow what i mean?

    Maybe you should be my personal shopper. I'm my own worse enemy when it comes to shopping... I see this big fat ass in the mirror and hate everything i try on.

  11. Glad you found some stuff you like!! Mexx does have some really cute stuff for relatively good prices (I buy my b/f a lot of dress shirts from there and they look fab!!).

    I find it really hard to shop at Winners have to really look and sort through all their stuff to find anything and I just don't have the patience for it!!

    I think just about everyone can relate to feeling fat when they go shopping sometimes....but I assure are your toughest critic and I bet you look gorgeous!! :biggrin:
  12. thanks dear...

    I think the stuff i found today just helps me look put together. Its funny how you go through stages. Right now my closet could be packed up and dropped off at sally anne. I have very few things i'm happy wearing. But what i'm doing now is for everything one thing i put in my closet i'm taking one out. So hopefully soon i'll have a put together closet.
  13. I agree about MEXX... but does anyone know if they ever have sales ??

    Everytime I have gone .... guess I hit the wrong times.... never anything on sale ....
  14. mexx has great end of season sales. i've gotten some great deals...skirts for $20, dress shirts for $20, etc. there's usually clearance racks with end of season sales at the back of the stores