Toronto Ladies/Gents!!

  1. I was just in Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale Mall this afternoon and found out that they're building an entire LV store IN Holts and it opens in June!!

    The ladies at the LV counter said that they're going to carry everything the independant boutiques carry.

    I'm very excited! Now I don't have to drive all the way downtown for a good selection.

    Just wanted to share the good news. :smile:

    (sorry if this is in the wrong forum)
  2. Sweet! I can't Wait. When is it going to open. I'm going to TO this summer. I hope it'll be open by then since its close to my house.
  3. They said June 2007!!
  4. Thanks for letting us know.:jammin: :jammin:
  5. Yay for our canadian pf'ers!
  6. OMg.. this is so great! Now we don't have to drive so far to downtown. If my SA can move to the new location that would even be excellent!
  7. it's about time, the counter they have at Yorkdale is so small. do you know where in Holt's are they building the store?
  8. When you walk in the front entrance you go to your left and that's where the store will be. You can see it from the current counter.

    I can't wait!! My bestfriend and I have decided to save up between now and June and then when it opens we'll go and have a huge shopping spree to celebrate! lol
  9. June 2007, thats perfect. Now i don't have to take the QEW to downtown. Big highways scare me.
  10. OMG! Too bad I already have A SA that I ADORE at bloor and would never leave, however I am at that mall often, so It could be fun for small/impulse purchases and browsing. I remember when I wanted a Black MC wapity on a whim one day and they didn't even have it counter, and 3 weeks later I was there again and they still didn't have it. YAY for yorkdale!
  11. The Holt's in Calgary is getting a major face lift too -- so I've heard. From what I was told the LV counter is not just going to be a counter either! :yahoo:
  12. yay for our canadian tpfers!!!! :yahoo: :jammin:
  13. Wow that's great!! I always end up going downtown for better selection! Thanks for sharing, i had no idea they were planning this! I should stop by Yorkdale, it's been a while, i 've been missing all the action lol
  14. can you tell them that there is one LONELY tpfer in WINNIPEG that is ANXIOUSLY waiting for an LV Boutique...:hysteric:


    I kinda feel special when I tell people that I have a SA at LV in Toronto...:p
  15. OK, I just ask my SA today...
    Yorkdale Holt Renfrew - Men/Women Shoes & Sunglasses
    Bloor Holt Renfrew - Women Shoes ONLY & Sunglasses

    All the Holt Renfrew in Canada is gotta expand their merchandise like in Toronto....... depends on the location