toronto ladies, anyone wants to attend a private chanel event at the bloot st. boutiq

  1. my SA called me regarding a special chanel jacket event at the bloor st. it's happening on feb 20/21, there were three time slots for both days, i picked 5-6 and thursday 21 being my first preference. it's basically a private session, where a rep from the paris office will talk about how chanel jackets are made and also showcase some vintage pieces. she will call me back to confirm the day sometime soon.

    i can bring one guest with me, since DF doesn't want to go, i thought maybe one of the ladies here may want to attend. we don't need to go together but i need to give my SA your information, i think just a name will do and maybe a phone#?, she will add you to the me if you're interested.
  2. I picked different times because 5-6 could be too late for me. I wonder what day she'll give me, since I think I had to give her 3 options?

    It was not easy finding someone to go with me. :lol: There are actually women who, for various reasons, won't walk into Chanel and these women are the only friends I have.

    I have 2 tentative people to go with me, but I wouldn't be surprised if they both dropped out.

    We should keep in touch so that no one has to go alone, if they don't want to. :yes:
  3. i don't get off work till 5, so to attend this event, i'd need to get off work earlier that day...actually, none of my friends know about my chanel obsession, only DF. too bad none of your friends want to go, i think it'd be fun...i will pm u once i get confirmation as to the day that i'm slotted for.
  4. hey!

    i would love to go with one of you to this event if you haven't found someone already. i overheard an SA talking about it to two older and more "noticeable" women who were browsing at Chanel when i went there last week. i really wanted to learn more but i don't think they were really interested in me. :girlsigh: ... so i'm glad i read your post!

    lmk if either of you haven't and i'll pm you my name and contact number. :smile:
  5. Aw....I wish I can go, but I'm far far away :crybaby: