Toronto Holt's Inventory Update

  1. For the Canadian girls:smile: :
    CITY: Truffle, Sapin (khaki, right?), Rouge Vif and (I think) Marron (dk. reddish brown? I might have that wrong)
    FIRST: Emerald, Greige, Truffle, Caramel, Rouge Vif, Blueberry, Marron or whatever that one is ;)
    DAY: Truffle, Caramel, Greige, Sapin, Rouge Vif
    TWIGGY: Greige, Blueberry...a few more that I've forgotten
    WORK: Black, Truffle, Blueberry...I know I might be missing a few but that's the general gist of it!

    *Edit- also the Part-Time in Emerald:smile:
  2. Good for all Canadian girls to know... Holt's transfers :graucho:
    Thanks lady!
  3. OMG - you saw the Part Time ?!? What did you think of it? Wait - I didn't know the Part Time came in Emerald, though... ??

    Did you mean Grenat (instead of the "Marron" color you mentioned)?
  4. Hmm..I wonder if I meant the Afternoon. Which is the one that looks like a longer and slightly squashed City? I thought that was the Part-Time- but it was not as high as the City and maybe a titch wider.
    They also had Grenat so that wasn't was like a really dark brownish red, like really dark rust, if that makes sense? I wish I knew what colour it was...
    Greige was the one that really caught my eye IRL and they didn't have it in the City...
  5. Sure does sound like the Part Time! Did you try it out? How did you like it compared to the City?
  6. I did! I really like the shape and the way it hangs on the arm if you want to wear it like that. I couldn't put it on my shoulder because of their security tag, but it's a nice shape. Handles seemed smaller than the City but I'm not sure on that. Less briefcase-shaped than the City so my first impression of the bag was a more relaxed, less office-styled vibe...I definitely added it to my Want List! Now, what colour....:graucho:
  7. Oh yeah! They also had a bunch of hook totes and that new Ring bag that looks so much like the Fendi B-Bag...I was nonplussed...
  8. Ahhhhh!!! A twiggy in Blueberry????? I want one so badly!!!
  9. Thanks for the TO update!

    I'm in Edmonton, and it's been a few weeks since I was at our Holts.

    At that point, they only had Black, Sapin and Greige in First and City. Maybe a brown too - can't remember anymore. They told me they weren't planning on getting in any more colors (the SA told me they weren't planning on getting any Grenats or Rouge Vifs in those sizes) - not sure if that's correct since the TO one has a lot more. Sorry, didn't check about the other styles since I wasn't interested in those.
  10. Holts in Yorkdale has TONS of b-bags too (as of this afternoon)! Just FYI.:smile:
  11. Did you say they had the red in the city size?!! they told me at the Van HR that Holts wasn't carrying the red!
  12. A Rouge Vif City - that is one hard bag to locate. If mine weren't on the way i'd be all over that! :heart:
  13. hey thanks so much for the update - do u know if Holts ship internationally???
  14. Pathetic, but I HIGHLY doubt it.
  15. Avery, I only saw the first VIF at Holt's in Vancouver.