toronto holts has a bronze baby coco cabas sitting out on the shelf today.

  1. they also had the e/w modern chain tote and the marais flap in brown and black.
  2. hey...I was there too today! wonder if we saw each other?;) did u see the mc flap too? it was so pretty!
  3. yes, i saw the flap too, i was hoping for the marais clasic flap that larkie got. but doesn't look like they bought it...kewl, you were there too? holts was sooo busy.
  4. i know, holts is always crazy because its the only good department store we have! did u know about PSN night on sept 5th? are u planning any chanel purchases that day? :graucho:
  5. no, i didn't know about it, this is the gift card night right? oh gosh, i want to buy a couple LV's....also, i'm waiting anxiously for the 25% weekend, hopefully that's coming up soon.