Toronto Hermes has Sale Sign in Window!

  1. Does anyone know what is on sale or what it's like? I've never gone in before (too intimidated....looking like a child doesn't really help. :okay:smile:

    I'm mostly interested in the enamel bracelets and scarves. Thanks in advance!
  2. oooh my sale SIGN? let me check out the van boutique!
  3. Any sale in vancouver??:rolleyes:
  4. at least I see some other members from Toronto...
  5. hmm...I went today but I didnt notice any sign...
  6. ^ I'm guessing it's over then.
  7. i saw ads in the chinese newspaper about the sale...i wasn't interested so kinda forgot about it. the sale was still on during the weeekend as i went in on sunday (unintentionally). past season items like clothing and shoes were up to 60% off. I was interested in the enamel bracelets but they weren't on sale.

    Too bad I didn't go earlier...spotted a pair of lovely sandals for 40% off...but no size.

    Dont worry. If they had a sale this year, there will be ore sales to come in the future :biggrin: