Toronto Girls- Miroir Preview Sept. 19

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  1. I was in there today and was invited to a special event tomorrow where there will be models with the Miroir Speedy and Alma. I can't go because the main time is 12-2pm and I can't leave work then, but I don't think it's by private invitation only so I hope someone can go and report back:graucho:
  2. Ohh.. I conveniently don't have class at that time, but I'm not sure if I can make it. Hopefully other Toronto gals can ! :yes:
  3. I'm guessing picture taking is not allowed...?

    I'd LOVEEEE to go but I'm in Calgary...haha...
    maybe someone could bring their camera phone...:sweatdrop:
  4. o man i work 9-5 2morrow!! i would of LOVED to go! if only it wuz jes class, then i would skip class to go =(
  5. and omg stylefly ! love ur display pic! its so cute!
  6. Omigosh ohmygosh full report asap please!!!!!!
    Pretty please.
  7. I wish I lived in Toronto. :crybaby:
  8. Thank you! I also have the T-Shirt:smile:
    Taco- I am desperately hoping someone can go and report back. I already took the day off today and as much as I think the Miroir preview counts as a valid stat holiday, I don't think others agree quite so much:lol:
  9. Me too, it is sooo cute!
  10. Guys HAHA I mentioned THIS event like 4 days ago and u all ignored me! and my SA said until 4. hmm. call and double check, maybe it was moved.
  11. SCPs isn't until the 21st :sad:
    but we get to see RTW, F/W bags, trunks, meet craftsmen, design our dream trunks & drink Champagne. I am guessing the Champagne plays a huuuuge part in the design/order process. I know I'd have to be wasted to think I could get away with bringing a trunk home & hiding it under the bed. Because that's the only way i'd get one.:lol:
  12. Me too..!!! :crybaby: :hysteric:
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