Toronto girls - LV or Holt's boutique??

  1. I've never purchased from either (and can't for now since I'm outta $$$!) but for future reference, if you have purchased LV in Toronto which do you like better? The LV store or the LV boutique in Holt's? Also, do you get the LV bag when purchasing from the Holt's one? Or do they give you a pink bag? TIA!
  2. i prefer the boutique; they have more things there. and i think every LV brance, whether it's a freestanding store or in a department store, will give buyers the brown LV bag.
  3. the brown louis vuitton shopping bag?!?!

    where's the hold one located?!? near eaton centre?!?! I'm going to TO in NOV!!
  4. Thanks for the input, Sandra!

    just_jill325, they are both on Bloor St diagonally across the street from each other. One is inside Holt Renfrew on the first floor with all the other handbags/accessories and the other is the two story Louis Vuitton boutique. The brown LV shopping bag is the paper bag they put your purchases into, if that's what your ???s meant. ;)
  5. I usually go to the Holt Renfrew in Yorkdale Shopping Centre to buy Louis Vuitton. They still give you the brown shopping bag (not the pink one).

    If you're looking for a better selection though then I'd suggest going to the LV store at Yonge/Bloor.
  6. You get the paper brown shopping bag at both the LV counter in Holts as well as the free-standing store. The LV boutique itself will have more variety of things as Sandra mentioned.

    So if you're looking for things like clothing, shoes, etc. you'll have to go to the boutique.

    But for bags and accessories, I usually just go to whichever one happens to be more convenient. Lately, I have been frequenting the store more just because there's more counter space and so more likely not all the SAs are busy. Sometimes the LV counters in Holts are crazy busy and they only have 2-3 SAs. Plus more eye candy to look at in the store! :graucho:

    Plus sometimes one of the locations will have something the other does not.
  7. I prefer the Holts.. nicer ! :yes:
  8. I prefer Holts as well. Because if don't see anything at LV boutique, you can always pick up something else from another department!!!:graucho:

  9. that's what I thought about the paper bag...all this azur talk, i got an increase in my CC just enough to either buy a speedy 30 or a pochette (if avail)...or both if I'm feeling evil when I get there!!!
  10. do you Toronto gals know if LV store will be open on Saturday, Nov 11. Rembembrance Day?!?! I'll be in TO Friday nov 10 and nov 11 before flying out to want to know when I should go to LV...
  11. Yup! Stores will be open on Remembrance Day - it's not a public holiday.

    You may have to doublecheck the store hours, but I think they both close at 6pm on Saturday. If you're running late, the Yorkdale location of Holts doesn't close until 9pm on Saturday.

    If you go on Friday, the LV Bloor store closes at 6pm but Holts doesn't close until 8pm.

  12. oooh thanks for the info!!! I will definitely write those down! I might go on Friday to get my LV fix and so my bf can start his shopping....hahaha