Toronto Cocktail party on the 4th, Who else is coming?

  1. So I got a beautiful catalogue AND an invite to the store on the 4th, I am quite excited, even though I have been before, but mainly becuase I will get to see the mioir bags! haha, So I wanted to know, Who else is coming to the one on bloor?
  2. maybe
  3. LVpug you're in TO?!
  4. PUG! OMG ur in Toronto? WOW! Haha I didnt know that, COME we will all meet and chat! haha :P
  5. awww ur lucky girls .. i dont know if they do such parties here in dubai ..

    have fun and report back :biggrin:
  6. I can't make it.
  7. So who went? I didnt but my dad and brother went, anyone seee them? brother is a 6 foot brown guy with black hair wearing a black peacoat and black shirt and creamish kakhi pants, dad I dunno what he was wearing but HE ALWAYS carries his black citadin in damier geant haha! Anyone see them? They walked out witha HUGE LV bag :graucho: