Toronto/Canadian girls - I found Essie and OPI nail polish ON SALE!!!

  1. I'm from AZ and the prices here kill me. I was so happy and surprised yesterday to find Essie and OPI on sale at Trade Secrets Eaton Centre. Not sure if they're on sale at every Trade Secrets across the country, but they probably are. Call first maybe.

    Anyway, the Essies were only $5.99!!!! Not all of them were on sale, just the ones in the basket by the register and near the entrance. There's a nice range of shades available. All OPI regular shades were on sale for 9.95.

    Hope this helped my girls in Canada!
  2. Whoo-hoo....thanks! I got a nice fat Trade Secrets gift card for Christmas (as I always do), and now I know how I'm going to kick it off! :tup:
  3. thanks for the tip! i've been meaning to pick up a few new shades for myself...looking forward to my next visit to trade secrets now
  4. How much does opi usually for for at trade secrets?
  5. That's a good price for Essie. I normally pay about 11.99 plus taxes at the Baie.
  6. They have a few glittery Zoya polishes on sale for $5.99 as well. I purchased Essie's Garnet and Fancy Delancey today.
  7. essies are apparently available in shoppers drug mart too now, dont know how much, havent gone myself and don't have anything to compare too.
  8. yes they are on sale at all trade secrets! there's a trade secrets in the eaton cente in montreal? ive never seen it!
  9. The original poster meant the eaton centre in toronto.
  10. oh ok ty, my bad
  11. Girls, if you're paying that much for Essies, please do consider buying online instead. They're $4 or less at,
  12. Yah, but the shipping will kill you. Still a tiny bit cheaper though.

    I got a set from winners the other day, they had a french manicure one with two colours, and one with a pink and hot pink one with 3 way glaze set for $10.
  13. ^ Shipping doesn't kill me. I usually order a decent number of bottles so the shipping is under $20 but I save over $5 per bottle. Just don't choose express. :shrugs:
  14. ^^ Do you ever get charged taxes, if not duty, when it's delivered?
  15. transdesign marked my last order, as gift, so I don't think I'll get charged customs.

    karman, my shipping has always been under $20... still like $2 shipping for every polish, it adds up.