Toronto, Canada

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  1. Hey guys.... I am going to Toronto for a few days - Jan.15 and I am leaving on Jan.19.

    I am 20 years olds. Anything fun going on ? So far I might be going snowboarding....but not 100% sure. and a club. Anything else?:confused1:
  2. Well it's not anything special but I'm pretty sure the Holt Renfrew sale is still going on (it's like the Canadian version of NM and such) so you can probably pick up some great stuff on sale there (especially at the Bloor store). Speaking of Bloor, that street is filled with stores like Coach, Dior, Aritzia, and Winners (where you can find really really cheap designer stuff).

    I would suggest trying to use the subway to get there because it's really hard to find a parking spot near that busy shopping area. Also, DRESS WARMLY! It's going to feel like -30 or so for the rest of this week so please remember to bundle up before going out!

    Hope you enjoy your time here ;)
  3. Thanx... I am going to check it out for sure!
  4. There is another Toronto thread on this page right now that you should check out. What specific kinds of things are you looking for? Do you know which area you're staying in yet?

    The only thing off the top of my head right now that wasn't in the earlier thread is Panorama, which is a great place if you are looking for a lounge type place to go for drinks.
  5. i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend visiting a little crepe shop called Crepes a Gogo!!!! The owner is WONDERFUL and the crepes are AMAZING.
    They are at 18 Yorkville Ave, near the Bloor and Yonge subway station.

    they are open mon and tues from 12:30-7 and Wed-Sun from 10:30-7.

    i'm drooling just thinking about it!!
  6. Second Crepes a gogo, really good and the cafe next door Le Pain Qoutidien is a great little lunch spot.

    Moroco Chocolat on Yorkville Ave is worth a visit too, they're a little expensive but the decor and food is heavenly. It's the perfect spot in winter too, very cozy and they have a fireplace. This website has a menu, photo gallery etc...
  7. I just came back from crepes a go go :smile: mmmm very good . I wish I brought one for tonight too.....
  8. Not too many good places to snowbaord in Toronto area unless you go to Tremblant. If you want to snowboard you might be better off going to Buffalo area for the day- Kissing bridge or Holiday Valley. there is a place just north of TO but small- although good park.

    Toronto is great for shopping too! The Eaton center is good.....
  9. Oh yea, Bloor-Yorkville streets has some amazing shopping too
  10. i'm so happy you liked crepes a gogo!!!! :yahoo: i could go for some of their hot apple cider and nutella/banana crepes!
  11. Some of the ski fields near Toronto have pretty good snow right now, the skiing/boarding at Blue Mountain (1.5ish hours from Toronto) and Moonstone (about a hour from Toronto) is meant to be great right now....though I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about the conditions at the other smaller resorts, it sounds like it's all good right now.
  12. Well I went some where called duner ski. it was really good over there.... We were going to blue mountain but 2 hours is a long trip.
  13. Where abouts is Duner? I've never heard of that one.
  14. I dont think I am spelling it right. I know it starts with a d. lol
  15. Was it Dagmar?
    I've been wanting to try that field, it sounds like it's pretty good for it's location/size.