toronto bloor chanel boutique purchased bag non refundable???

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  1. I just purchased a chanel classic bag and i do love it

    In the receipt, it says no refund, only store credit, should not Chanel boutique store have common policy on return date for items purchase? I understand most of second hand were not refundable. but if you purchased from a boutique store, everything is new,right?

    Chanel as a big company, boutique stores have its own return/exchange policy? That sounds weird to me..

    Any thoughts?
  2. just called and was told only 14 days for exchange in CANADA..different policy compared to HK.USA which allows 2 weeks return
  3. Chanel stores in Canada do not allow returns which I think it's very not customer friendly, while almost all other designer stores do including Hermes. Hopefully that will change soon.
  4. No refund here is australia either, just an exchange or store credit.
  5. I live in the U.S. and know that sale purchases from the Chanel boutiques are final sale, with no return or exchange. I really think the no refunds policy is a good one, that encourages people to do their due diligence before purchase and this also lessens the returns later so that a new buyer doesn't end up with a used bag. I've not ever returned a Chanel purchase; I buy only what I love, and if I find that I don't end up using the bag for whatever reason (only happened a couple of times), then I take the loss and sell to a consignment shop.

    The no refunds policy is the same for Chanel in Europe as well. I think it's only in the U.S. that you have 14 days to refund new purchases.