Toronto and Miroir..Need Advice (sorry another thread about Miroir)

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  1. Ok i got an interesting story about Toronto with you to share, personally i was very interested in the pochette since i figured i was too late for speedy and the chances of me getting it were so slim, so i got myself on the list at Bloor location and was patiently awaiting a call from them, i even came in and they told me that the first shipment is gone and they are now waiting for the second one... i also wanted a disco ball keychain, so i receive a call today from Bloor and SA tells me that they have a disco ball for me but no pochette yet...Anyways Long story short, i came in to Yorkdale today and what do i see?? A silver pochette right there on the shelf staring at me and a disco ball on few bags. And they didnt even wanted to put me on the pochette list at yorkdale in the first place!!! So of course i get excited andI yes i bought the pochette, the downside, there is a scratch on the back of the bag and now i dont know what i should do, should i keep it or should i wait and if they never call me just keep this one? HELP! Need advice!:smile:
  2. Wow, that's great! :nuts:
    I don't know...a bag like that with a scratch, I'd get another's brand new and already scratched? I'd definitely return it because it'd bug me like crazy.

  3. thats the whole problem, there is no other one and nobody knows if there will be..:sad: its not exactly a scratch more like a line from the strap being next to it during shipping of it. and its on the back of the bag
  4. hard to say,but if I was you ,I will return it for sure.
  5. I don't think I could live with a scratch on a miroir bag that I didn't put there myself...
  6. I guess if it bugs you and you are not satisfied with your purchase I would return it too!!!
  7. i am being tortured here lol
    the pochette is so beautiful
  8. maybe you could talk to them and ask them if you can get the first pochette that arrives in the next shipment since this one is scratched? I really wouldn't keep haven't used it and it's already scratched. :sad:
  9. Totally agree. :yes:
  10. I'd return it. I'm OCD with my bags. It'd drive me nuts and I'd regret it.
  11. Well - if it bothers you, then return it. I would be sad since its brand new, and you didn't scratch it. Sorry to hear it was scratched. :sad:
  12. Thanks guys, i guess your are right, it does bother me, i am going to Bloor location on the weekend and i am going to take the pochette with me to see if there is anything they can do.
  13. Do you have a pic? I think I would return it. Maybe that's why it was there, even tho they would waitlist ws a return.
  14. I would definately take it back but I'm OCD when it comes to bags. Knowing that the scratch was there and I didn't do it would bug me like crazy.
  15. I'd return it, if it was ment to be, then you'll get one. Don't settle for one with a scratch!