1. Before the reveal of the Spring 07 stuff I had my mind set on the Azur Speedy but now I have this craving for the new vernis color. Help me decided what to do. I can either get a wallet in the new color or the Azur Speedy or a Cles in the new color with a Azur Pouchette. What do you think? Oh and just so you know I currently have a Speedy 30 and a Multicolore Mono Pouchette.

  2. I would go for the azur, it's so nice for the upcomming spring/summer!
  3. azur speedy and the vernis cles!
  4. I vote for the speedy and cles as well, definately the best of both worlds, and they'll look stunning together.
  5. me too..speedy and cles! you get both!
  6. Well I can only get the Speedy. I will have to wait to get the Cles next month. No one says the wallet in the new color huh. I guess the new color is a limited edition right?

  7. Stick with your first choice (azur)! And later down the road get that new yummy vernis colore.