Torn with the Mono Speedy 25

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  1. #1 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    Keep or not to keep?

    I bought my Speedy in Mono in 2006. It never really has been my go to bag. The handles are only slightly darkened and the majority of the vachetta hasn't even pattina'd yet. As much as I love the look of the 25 when hand held as it looks in proportion with my size and I love the mono print, the handles drive me crazy as my hands are making the handles dirty. I guess I don't use it much as I find it a nuisance to get things out of the small opening.

    I'm now thinking of letting go of this bag as it's too small for my needs. I think the only thing holding me back is whether I will have any use for it in the future? Also, the Speedy 25 is my first LV purchase or is that a stupid reason to hold on to it?

    This then leads to the question on whether I'd be better off upsizing to a Damier 30. I haven't modeled it instore since 2006 and when I did back then, I felt it was too big for my frame which was why I went for the 25. For reference, I love the size of the Hampstead PM which has been my go to bag for months now. I'm only guessing a 30 might be better for me as I love the size of the Hampstead PM. Or should I just save my money and get something else as I already have a Hampstead in Damier (though that means my wardrobe will be missing a Speedy).
  2. Sell the speedy 25, i bought one and i stopped using it simply because it was too small, eventually i upgraded to the Speedy 30 Mon Mono and the 25 just sat there not doing anything. I sold because i felt it deserved to go to a home where it would be loved and appreciated!

    if you are having issues with the vachetta you should go for a bag without it! there are plenty of bags to choose from!
  3. I am 5'0, about 100 lbs and the first few times I tried the speedies, I always thought size 30 was way too big. So I also ended up buying the 25, and it' also my first brand new LV. I tried the damier ebene 30 recently and surprisingly enough, I thought it looked OK on my frame. I'm planning to get it later down the road. It will be my go-to speedy for everyday.

    I don't think it's a stupid reason to hold on to a bag because it's your first, just not practical if you're not using it. If you find it too small, and you prefer the mono print, why not try the mono 30? I carry my speedy in the crook of my arm all the time, I never grab it by the handle. You can also do the 12 day pre-oxidation process and spray the vachetta with leather protector. I found this has helped my speedy vachetta to stay nice and even and clean. Of course, you can always get the damier 30. There's nothing wrong with having 2 ebene bags especially since they're different styles. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. if you are not using it, sell it to help fund a bag you will use and enjoy.
  5. If you can try the 30 before letting go of your 25, I would strongly suggest you do so.
    I am 5'5" and I love the 25. I have tried the 30 several times and it just looks like a huge piece of luggage on me. It's ridiculous. I do have a smaller/med frame.

    My stepson's girl is nearly the same height, but she looks good with either the 25 or 30.
    She has a slightly larger frame than me.
  6. It sounds like you are ready to let your monogram speedy 25 go. So do it.

    I personally prefer the 25. I am about 5'6''. I think it looks like a purse with a 25. I agree with Kitsunegrl, anything above 30 looks like luggage to me. but each to her own.
  7. If you want to hold on to it then do hun, it was your first LV there for when you look at it it will give you memories and you can pass it on to your children (if you have any) :smile:.My very 1st LV was a speedy 30 in monogram, I dont use it anymore because im 5'10 I feel its abit small on me and its just stuck ontop of my wardrobe but I could never sell it as for me I would feel as if a part of me went.It will come back in handy at some point every bag does even if its not now.
  8. Princess Saf: May I ask how tall are you?

    scardycat: As much as I love mono print, I hate vachetta, therefore I don't think I'll be getting Mono 30 (DE maybe!). What's this '12 day pre-oxidation process' you speak of? My handles are slightly dirty and the rest of the vachetta only has a very light pattina. In terms of using leather protector, I thought vachetta was best left alone as I read somewhere on the forum that it was best left to naturally darken.

    Kitsunegrl: Yes you're right, I think I will try the 30 just to be on the safe side.

    Alexandria19: You're such a sentimental person! Yes, passing 25 onto the children is a good idea though I'm not thinking that far ahead hehe. But yes, I agree that it might come back in handy!

    Thanks for your help ladies. I have decided to hold on to the Mono Speedy 25 for now as I find it quite different to the Hampstead. I will try on the 30 first before deciding to let it go or not. Will report back when I do! :flowers:
  9. Hiya, I'm 5'3 But I'm always wearing heels so 5'6! I'm even
    contemplating getting a damier speedy 35!
  10. I had a mono and damier speedy 25. I hated the opening on them also honestly! I sold both and bought a mono speedy 30 and I think it is the perfect size for me. I'm a shortie, 5'1.

    I think that it being your first LV is a good reason to keep it. I still have my first LV and I carry it maybe once a year because it is a small bag but I just can't part with it!!!!
  11. Haha yes I no, I blame the mother for it really as for she's kept her 1st ever Louis vuitton and she brought in in the early 90's.Sac flanerie 45 she has and then it got discontinude, im now 19 and the bag is still in great condition! :amuse:.
  12. I would sell it and buy a bag you love...damier 30 is great because there is no vachetta to worry about...I don't think it would be too big--but I love big bags:smile: