Torn with decision

  1. I have tried so hard just to be silent but here I go joining in and now soliciting your advice. I have a caramel city, that I love, and just recently acquired a marron twiggy from 2004 - the kind that has brown undertones, not purple. I don't know if I can keep both, or what exactly I am going to do. My dilema is - I love my caramel city, I am just kind of tired of always trying to be so careful with it. I am paranoid about setting it down in something etc. The marron is that beautiful rich looking reddish brown that I had been lusting for forever that is different from the new bordeaux colors. (They have more purple / burgandy to them). My decision is whether or not to keep both bags, which I kind of really can't afford to do, or sell one of these (or both) and get the new truffle color. I want a "neutral go with everything but not have to worry so much" bag, and also - am not really sure if I like the twiggy style. Kind of wide across the bottom - does the bottom soften with time? Maybe I need a truffle in the part-time?
  2. I'd love to see photo's!
  3. goodness, no, you can't sell your marron twiggy!!!...that's one of the best b-bag colors EVER!!!...please, please, i beg of you, if you sell one, let it be the caramel city :angel:
  4. I will try and get photos up as soon as I can. The marron is really beautiful so I don't know what is making me waffle if it is the color or the style.....
  5. gosh, i donno, but listen girlfriend, YOU MUST KEEP THAT BAG :yes: ...i mean, i'm sure there's alotta ladies on PF who would be happy to take it off your hands (pardon the pun :lol:)...but don't trade it in for the truffle, the marron's so much prettier!!!
  6. I just tried to upload the pictures and it said the file was too large. Do you know how I would make them smaller? Not so savvy about computers....
  7. Do you have a Photo Imaging center or Photo editing program on your computer where you can resize the pics? Check under your pics, then hit edit. Resize to Web/Blog size(or about 100kb, I think). Then upload here.

    Btw, I think you should keep your Maroon Twiggy. :smile:
  8. I would definitely keep the marron twiggy if you possibly could. :heart:

    Personally, I think there has been a lot of caramel-esque (earthy browns and beiges) colors coming out--Camel of this season and truffle-albeit much darker for fall 06. I wouldn't miss caramel terribly but that marron is gorgeous with the color and leather. It's truly unique. Looking forward to seeing your pics!
  9. i would keep the marron. while both are great neutrals, the marron is just so striking!
  10. I would keep the Marron!!! The color is TDF...and then maybe sell the Carmel and then get the Truffle when it comes out.
  11. Did I finally get the photos?
    Hand bag 80007.jpg city balenciaga 022.jpg
  12. This is better of the color...
    Hand bag 60005.jpg
  13. ohhhh!! They both are such beautiful colors!!! :love:
  14. Oh my, I concur with the other gals, esp after seeing your pics. Definitely keep the marron twiggy! She's beautiful!!
  15. You guys are great - and to think I was hesitant to reveal myself to the forum....I suppose this is an old debate to everyone else on here, but what about the twiggy versus the city? I know it is really a matter of personal opinion, but I like the bag to be somewhat slouchy - translation; I try not to overstuff - but the bottom of the marron seems kind of wide and sticks out. Does that soften over time and become less wide - I don't like to add any extra width to my body:lol: