Torn...What to do?

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  1. So I've been given the opportunity to place a SO again. Been thinking of different combinations for a week now but finally stopped in the store to see what colors are available. I've decided I want a B25 in Chèvre with contrast pipping and interior, and brushed GHW. Since I'm getting a small bag, I want it in bright colors. I want something that I can use both at night and during the day. The colors that jump out to me right now for the main color are Blue Hydra, Parme and Rose Tyrien. The only problem with Parme and Rose Tyrien is that I'm generally not a very girly, girl so though I love the way the colors look, I'm not sure if it would fit with the rest of my wardrobe. So if I decided to go with either Parme or RT, it would have to be paired with something less girly like Lime, Vert Anis or Menthe. I know I would get a lot of use out of a Blue Hydra bag but part of me thinks I should take a chance and get something different. What would you do? And what colors would you pair?
  2. I have both rosentyrien and menthe, I think they are very nice !
  3. Congrats to you too. I've also been offered to SO and since bouganvillea is not possible I'm going with RT, my second HG color. I have always been pink adverse until later in life and for two reasons. First, many moons ago I read pink was for little girls; second and more weighty my skin color goes best with warm colors. RT is a winner in my book and it will go well with navy, black, white and buggers on the for little girls only theory. What hogwash was that and stupid me for letting that seed sprout in my brain!!

    So much for other people's opinion. I'm listening to my heart. A color has to sing to you, move you to joy. That's what matters. Do not overthink with logic when you are pairing colors and begin second guessing. Give your instinct the steering wheel and leave logic in the bacl seat. Have fun!

    Btw, Vert Anis is a very versatile color -- have a lil chevre bolide in VA. A lady at the market remarked what a lovely bag.
  4. RT is a lovely choice and very versatile. For me, it is one of my favorites. Good luck with your wonderful dilemma!
  5. RT or Parme with VA would be lovely!
  6. for a more monochrome subtle change i would go hydra menthe but if you really want the bag to pop and not be girly then go menthe RT because its amazing it has no synchrony its insolent and it will shock all with out being sweet and cuddly it will have personality !!! especially in 30cm chevre !!!.hope it helps darling !!!
  7. Thanks everyone for your help. I stopped by the store again and this time was able to leisurely sit there and play around with all the swatches. It was a very quiet morning at the store so my SM was able to chat with me and share with me what she has seen IRL other customer's SO and what works better and what hasn't worked as well. After playing around for 30 minutes and getting feedback from my SA and SM, I finally decided and placed my order. I decided on RT with Lime. I'm so excited and now have to patiently wait. Fingers crossed that the bag arrives in time for Summer next year!
  8. Thanks so much for your help and advice. I also love Vert Anis but already have a K32 in it. I was still a bit on the fence when I walked into the store this morning but now that I've made my decision, am completely over the moon and very excited. Good luck on your SO. FYI, not sure what leather you are looking at but Bouganvillea was actually available in Chevre at my store.

  9. Sound great n lovely
    Love d combo
    I m sure it will turn out stunning
    Do kip us posted
    We will b waiting for ur reveal in time to come
    Congrats n cheers
  10. Oh, I die. Bouganvillea is my number 1 and they said it wasn't a choice. How can this be? RT has been my second choice but realistically the Bouggie would work best. Was deciding on interior, etc. difficult? I'm choosing chevre; it's lightweight, beautiful -- who wouldn't choose it (rhetorically speaking). Am double booked with projects this week and plan on the trek next week to make the choice of my H life :smile: And then we wait like everyone else.

    Thanks for the update!!
  11. You should definitely have them check again cause Bouganvillea was for sure available at my store. I don't think the process was too hard. Surprisingly my store had every single color that I was interested in in the correct leather swatch so it was helpful to see exactly how each color would look like on Chevre. I was playing around with different combos for a little while cause nothing looked "right" but when I finally pulled RT and Lime together, I knew instantly that it was what I wanted. I actually think the hardest part was trying to figure out the color of the stitching! I was going between 2 colors for a little while. Anyways, at the end of the day, it's a fun process so enjoy it! Can't wait to hear what you pick in the end.

  12. That's pretty.
  13. Pretty combination, can't go wrong w/ any happy colors, just tuff time settling with one :P