TORN! what to do about reissue 226?

  1. Ladies - I'm torn. I received my 05 black reissue (eBay purchase) and it's a 226! I thought from the measurements it was a 227. The seller has kindly offered to take it back.

    I need help! I don't know what to do! I love the bag (no, not nearly as much as my violet jumbo!!!), it's a limited edition and a dressier evening bag than a classic flap 2.55.

    Still, it's too small and a I could use the refund to buy a 227 in metallic black or patent leather... or even put it in the bank (now, that's a novel idea!) for another 'gotta have it' chanel purchase.

  2. If you think it's too small, than return it.

    But if you want to use it as an evening bag, 226 is perfect!
  3. Return. How much did you paid for it anyway?
  4. Since you are not comfortable with the size, better return it. There are gorgeous bags from the newest season, I believe you will be able to score one
  5. It's a great bag to have...but I say if you do not care for the "2005 Commenmorative issue" thingy return it and get something you really love...

    I have the same bag but in 225, whenever I see the embossed 2005 on the inside of the flap...I don't think I can ever let it go..
  6. both bags are beautiful so you can't go wrong with either one but you should get something you really love especially coz both are over 2K. as long as you can get a 227 i would return it
  7. I have a 227 & a 226. The 226 is not a day bag to me, but the 227 is the perfect size for a day bag. The 226 is dressier and the 227 is more casual, edgier. I would return the 226 - if the size is not right for you, you won't be happy with it - plain and simple.
  8. If the 227 size is the one you would use more, then return the 226. It's too much money not to have the right one.
  9. THANKS everyone for your input! I decided to keep it...I have 10-15 black jumbos but only a medium classic flap 2.55. This one is dressier, bigger and will be a good evening/going out bag.

  10. Happy to know that you have made the decision.....yes definately a gorgeous bag for night out....enjoy your bag!!!
  11. I'm glad you kept it... that bag is AMAZING!!
  12. congrats!!!!
  13. I'm glad you kept it Regina :tup: First the beautiful plum and now this, you are a lucky girl, congrats!!
  14. glad you're keeping it! its such a gorgeous bag, and quite frankly, i can make my dark silver 225 work as a daytime bag for me so i'm sure u can use the 226 as a day bag, albeit a smaller capacity day bag, too :yes:
  15. yes, if you think its too small return it. there will be another great bag!