Torn Torn Torn... Can you girls HELP put me back together *PLEASE*

  1. OKAY... I will try to make this short as possible. Bought this Coach set (pics below) and loved loved it, not carried it yet though (LOL)

    Then a RARE Balenciaga Black first 04 came up on AFF's and I placed it on hold. Below is a photo of one like it but this is a photo from realdealcollection... Hope you dont mind me borrowing it for comparison reasons :smile:
    OKAY... I cant keep/have both NO WAY!!! :sad: BOO
    PLEASE TELL ME HONESTLY WITH ALL YOUR HEART... Which bag do you like the looks of best??? PLEASE dont say suit myself because I have been trying to do that the last few days and I just get more and more torn up every time ... so I decided to turn to my buddies that have ALWAYS helped me.
    Love you guys :flowers:
  2. I like the black. It looks more wearable and timeless to me. Is there a big price difference?
  3. umm... I would get the balenciaga :shame:

    It's purdy.
  4. I love the black one! Get the black one!
  5. Definately get the Balenciaga! That is a hot bag!!!
  6. I would get the Balenciaga. No question about it. This is a no contest win for me.
  7. I like the Balenciaga.
  8. I would get the B-Bag
  9. I am a 100% Coach girl, but I prefer the BBag over the Heritage.
  10. I would keep the Coach set :smile:
  11. I'd get the Balenciaga too! :yes:

  12. YES big price difference, the Balenciaga since its a 04 is 1098.00 and the Coach set cost me around 600.00
  13. WOW, I am really SHOCKED at the voting so far :nuts: I thought it would be for the COACH set.
  14. I love the looks of that Coach bag WAY more! If I was rich, I'd buy that one with all the matching components and love it. What are all those strings hanging out of the balenciada bag? looks awkward. I would get them caught in a sliding glass automatic door or an escalator and trip & knock my teeth out. ;)
  15. B-Bag baby!